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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Chill my man. I was just kidding, some of my good friends are hardcore CKY fans(they tried to get me to go to the carver city tour with them awhile back, but i declined the offer. Just not my cup of tea). After I sent that post I said in the back of my head "i wonder how long until tony d sees this and responds to it.".

Anyways, back on the subject of TGOTJ.

Besides metal, a lot of prominent hip hop acts have also blessed the stage for The Gathering of the Jugaloes

Method man from Wu Tang Clan, Redman, Coolio, Slick Rick, and Bone Thugz n Harmony are just a few who have performed at this bizarre festival.

Coolio not only toured with the ICP, but he considers himself a dedicated Juggaloe, he even tattooed Jugalloe on his arm, Coolio kind of disturbs me...

Coolio did a tour with ICP, Kottonmouth Kings, and Kittie

the rappers are sometimes better quality, but that's a whole other story
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