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Originally Posted by HugeRockStar View Post
Totally. I was listening to KramWhitHam from the Pandoras Box set and thought how Tyler and Perry would probably not be the same if not for the other 3 holding it down and making them look like a million bucks all the time. Similar to John Bonham and John Paul Jones for Plant and Page.
Hey, John Paul Jones & Tom Hamilton are two of the reasons I want to learn bass.

Here's a list of solos (on the records) that Brad played, what do you think?

First album: Make It (harmonies with Joe and 1 lead part), One Way Street (1st solo)
Get Your Wings: S.O.S (Too Bad), Seasons of Wither (2nd solo, the endless feedback part)
Toys In The Attic: Round and Round (the heavy "riff-leads" between verses and on the outro), You See Me Crying (1st solo and solo on the coda/outro)
Rocks: Back In The Saddle (the leads heard on the left), Last Child, Sick As A Dog (1st solo), Nobody's Fault, Home Tonight (1st solo)
Draw The Line: I Wanna Know Why, Kings And Queens, The Hand That Feeds, Milk Cow Blues (according to Joe on the Walk This Way book, Brad played all guitars on MCB, yet the guitar on the right sounds very "Perryish")
Night In The Ruts: Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Done With Mirrors: Shela (from around 2:20 mark to 2:40), Gypsy Boots, The Hop
Permanent Vacation: Heart's Done Time (changing solos with Joe), Dude (the outro solo), Girl Keeps Coming Apart, Permanent Vacation, The Movie
Pump: Love In An Elevator (1st and 3rd solo), Voodoo Medicine Man
Get A Grip: Fever, Flesh (1st solo), Gotta Love It (1st solo), Can't Stop Messin' (2nd solo)
Nine Lives: Nine Lives, Ain't That A Bitch
Just Push Play: are there any? I've seen and heard Brad play lead on Jaded live, but it's Joe on the record
Honkin' on Bobo: Road Runner (lead licks on the left), I'm Ready (1st solo), Stop Messin' Around (2nd solo)

I got this from the aeroforceoneboards. Joe's guitar is through the right channel, Brad is through the left.
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