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Here's what I've got on the lineups, I can't remember when they changed singers or who the hell that guy was.

Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
Charles Elliott on guitar and vocals
Paul Masvidal on guitar
Steve DiGiorgio on bass
Sean Reinert on drums

Zombie Ritual
Within the Mind
Torn To Pieces (Scott Clendenin on bass)
Left To Die
Suicide Machine (Gene Hoglan on drums)
Lack of Comprehension (Steve on bass)
Flattening of Emotions
Secret Face (Shannon Hamm on guitar, Danny Walker on drums)
The Philosopher (Gene back on drums, I believe)
Trapped In A Corner
Overactive Imagination (Bobby Koelble on guitar, singer off guitar)
Bite the Pain (Scott on bass)
Zero Tolerance
1000 Eyes
Crystal Mountain
Flesh and the Power It Holds
A Moment Of Clarity
Voice Of the Soul (Shannon, Bobby, Scott on acoustic guitar)
Living Monstrosity (with Craig from Forbidden, Charles Elliot)
Pull the Plug (with everyone)
9/25 AC/DC hoodrat experience
9/29 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
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