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Originally Posted by mattlion View Post
One of these days maybe they'll bring "Behind Space" back. That song was always a highlight of their shows for me up to about 2004/5 when they stopped playing it in the US.

The posters here talking about their old material "not going over" here in America have a point. I've seen IF about 10 times, from 2002-now, and ever since STYE their live sound has been catered towards the newer material. The new stuff does sound better live than on record, which is different than the older stuff. Much of TJR/Whoracle is songs with 3 guitar tracks and sometimes they can't get the full vibe of the melodic parts live.

I think a lot of the Colony songs would still do well, but I dunno. They seem to be doing ok doing what they're doing but I wonder if they'll ever pull a Maiden and announce prior to a tour that they're emphasizing "classic" material. That would be pretty sick.
Yeah, the first few albums won't translate as well live but I will still take lesser versions of great songs than the new shit. Too bad we American's suck.

I really hope they pull a Maiden so I can see them one more time. Lunar Strain through Whoracle would be amazing although I'm sure they would focus too much on Clayman and Colony. Show would be great regardless. Hell, even get Jesper to come along and be a third guitarist. I can only dream haha
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