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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
I enjoy the Beatles argument with guys in their late 50s who live in the was, not in the now. It's fun & sad @ the same time.
I'm 21 and I think the Beatles are great. It's hard for me to understand anyone who calls them-self a music fan and not at the very least appreciating the Beatles; and calling them a bad band is just fucking asinine.

And btw if you want people in their 50's to live in the now, what do you suggest they listen to? Dubstep? Rap? Metal? They listen to the music they grew up with, which is what every generation does. When you're 50 some dumbass ignorant kid on the internet will be saying this exact same thing about you, that you're "living in the past" still listening to the music that you enjoy today.
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