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Sounds Of The Underground -- Orlando, FL -- July 13th, 2005

let's talk about hands down the coolest day and probaly the best day in my life. arrived at 12ish with my friends.We walked around for a bit.

I bought myself a nice clutch shirt. I then saw a sign taht said meet J.P from Clutch at 1. So we did and he was so cool. He signed my cd cover and a pic of him.

all these bands were playing and they were crap. They all sounded the same. High on Fire was good. They sounded like Motorhead. I didnt get to meet Strapping Young Lad, sadly. But at 3 was the Clutch meet and greet. This was the coolest thing ever. I saw my friend Luis from the Trivium video shoot. He let us cut in line with him. Neil Fallon is one of my favorite singers.

I was so excited.I'm like Oh my fucking God im going to meet Clutch. Neil was so cool. I was wearing my Clutch shirt. He gave me a big smile ans shook my hand. I asked him to sign my album cover please. He said sure.Fuckin cool huh? I asked him for one more favor. Can I take a pic with you. He said I'd love to.

Afterwards he gave me a big smile and he said thanks for the support. That was the coolest thing all day. The whole band signed my poster and by then im thinking Strapping Young Lad should be playing real soon. I look up and there is Mr. Gene Hogland's drum kit. I gave all my stuff to Leilah to hold. I got really close. As soon as Devin came out the place went wild. "WE ARE STRAPPING YOUNG LAD!!!!!!!!!" By this time I am out of my mind. They started out with Imperial. Then they did Velvet Kevorkian. Velvet Kevorkian is the intro to one of my fav songs. All Hail The New Flesh. Right when it kicked in I was screaming as loud as I could. At one point you could hear my singing along. This guy next to me looked at me and screamed "Strapping Young Lad Motherfucker!!!" We started singing together. Devin is one of the funniest people who has ever taken the stage. Here are some quotes. "buy a shirt, or two, or three and then leave us the fuck alone" and my favorite, "isnt the space shuttle taking off today? when i see that i will fucking shit myself" They then went on the play Love?, Relentless and the big surprise, In the Rainy Season.

After that I was so out of it. I was lightheaded and need water badly. I think if I would of gone even longer I would of passed out. So there was nothing to do for a while. Some other bands were playing but I didnt really care.

My camera died before Gwar came one and I was mad. Gwar was funny. They killed the new pope. Then George Bush came out and they chopped his head off. Then it started raining really bad. We had the hide.Clutch was coming on at 8. So it was 6 now. We had nothing to do for 2 hours. But again time flies when your having fun and your with your friends. We headed down right after Chimara had just about finished just when Clutch was about to begin. I had been hoping all day that they would play Pure Rock Fury. My favorite Clutch song. I didnt think they would. So out comes Clutch and what do they start with. PURE FUCKIN ROCK FURY! i was so happy. They then played Gullah off the new cd. Then they played Escape from the Prison Planet. They had a jam session during that so Neil walked over to get a drink. I looked at Neil and I gave him the Devil horns. He looked right at me, gave me a big smile, put his hand on his heart and gave me the devil horns. That was the coolest thing all day. It was like a connection with him. These two chicks showed their boobs and Neil goes, "Now its a rock show" They played the Mob Goes Wild, Cypress Grove with another jam. The jam sessions were fanastic. It just shows why they are one of the most talented bands right now. JP was playing the hell out of his drum set. they kicked right into Elephant Riders.Some hardcore fag said Clutch sucked and some guy beat his ass. Red Horse Rainbow was next but the song after that was the surprise of the night and such a great song. Sea of Destruction. It was so good. The last song was a cover from an old rockabilly band. It was called Gravel Road. Neil got his guitar out for that and was just playing the hell out of it. Then for me and and my friend leilah the night ended. We both had so much fun. Better then the Judas Priest concert? yes
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