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Originally Posted by Breaking The Law View Post
Couldn't agree more. I thought they did a great job of mixing up the set from tour to tour, and thought they brought it live everytime. Got to meet them once back in '99 and thought they were very down to Earth. I liked Q2K and Now Frontier, and enjoyed both tours.
Listening to Rising West boots and they do sound very good, but I also agree that this news is a bit sad for me as well.
I agree. I generally liked how they'd alternate from no real live show (just get on stage, and play) to something a bit different (Mindcrime tour) - it doesn't always work, like with Cabaret, but I appreciated their willingness to change it up.

Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
I'm with ECW but I also love The Warning. They... WERE a great band in terms of new material, and were still a great live band last I saw them (admittedly a while ago now). Kind of sad... I'm not sure I'm interested in a QR without Geoff, even if he was a big factor in their decline. It's kind of sad to see that a band I consider to be "top 5" material for me based solely on their older work has come to this point.
I like The Warning a lot too, it just never quite did it as much for me as the other albums

Yeah, Rising West sounded good in the bootlegs, but it seems like without DeGarmo or Tate - even if he was responsible for a good portion of the general decline - it just won't be Queensryche.

In a way, I wish they'd just call the new band Rising West or whatever else and just retire the Queensryche name.