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haha I am diehard wrestling fan. Love off WWF and diehard WCW and ECW fan.

I'm just shocked now thinking about it , how many big names wrestlers I've met and talked to.

To name some :

Bad Ass Billy Gunn
Road Dogg
Petey Williams (TNA)
Kevin Nash
Jerry Lynn
Steve Carrino
Rhyno (3 times)
Terry Funk (twice) *
Mad Dog Vachune *
J.R. (WWE) *
Gerald Briscoe *
Mick Foley (asshole) *
Hacksaw Jim Duggane *
Larry "The Axe" Henning *
Baron Von Rasche *
Bob Roop *
And prolly about 10 more I cant think of

The ones with the * next to their name I met in Iowa last year when my dad and I traveld up to the wrestling hall of fame and go to go watch a roundtable discussion with the guys (maybe 50 fans to to watch it), then go to a meet and greet. Then after that we got pizza and sat behind JR. Later that night we went into a conference room and got to hang out and drink with everything then they had a giant dinner for us all and the award ceremony. After that we all just hung around again. 90% of the guys would just take 100's of pictures with you, stand around and joke and generally were just happy to be there and talk to you.
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