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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
2001 and 2002 were good years to and I think those years are still considered part of the attitude era. I went to a ton of wrestling shows back then whenever they hit my town, Rochester or up in Ontario Canada. From '97-2002 you couldn't stop me from going to see the WWF live. I even went to a number of WCW shows during the monday night wars and my city was a regular stop for ECW and I never missed a show from them here. It all fucked up once Vince bought WCW and ECW out and decided to make it all one show
Same here! I use to hit up WWF shows all the time when ever they were in my town, especially the ones that weren't broadcasted live, i liked the NON-live events more because tickets were cheaper and the shows were over all "smaller" than the smack down, RAW counterparts, plus they would take out the titan trons making their entrance quite short so you were even closer to the super stars than ever before(at least this was how it was for MY show). That's awesome that you got to hit up some WCW shows and ecw as well! I never had the opportunity to go to any wcw or ecw shows. All though I use to watch all three brand respectively. The only thing I hated about WCW Nitro was that it would be played one hour before WWF Raw is war, and then once Raw is war started I would have to flip back from USA to watch raw and back to TNN to watch WCW nitro, it was pretty annoying. I loved WCW just as much as WWF at some point so it was kind of a bitch flipping through wwf raw to see whats going on in WCW nitro. Having both brands play their respective programs at same time during the last hour of one show and the first hour of the other was just retarded to the max. It's a damn shame they had to kill off wcw. There were moments in the coming years when i though WCW had the upper hand on WWF, but then wwf would do something to out do wcw, and then wcw would pull out something from their sleeves, a never ending cyle of the Monday night wars.

Speaking of Vince buying the brands, I totally remember the ECW WCW vs WWF story line, holy shit was that pretty awesome and refreshing. I remember Rob Van Damn being one of the people on the opposite brand that EVERYONE LOVED, even though they were the "heels" technically, but what ever RVD did he would always have everyone on his side with massive amounts of cheers and Applauses. ahahhaha, i remember that quite well. I wanna say i stopped watching Wrestling over all around the time that whole WWF Vs WCW ECW thing died down and john cena starting infecting the company, but this was before john cent went all I'M A RAPPER AND GOTTA DRESS LIKE I'M HOOD HOP. Back when john cent was just a white dude in tight black undies ahahahah

Also Sanatarium, You're right I take that back, I would say the Attitude era went as far back to 2001-2002, but after 2002 it went down hill from there. 2001-2002 definitely had its epic moments. Kurt angle shined a lot during those years, The rock got into some epic feuds, Undertaker made his triumphant return at Judgement Day in 2001 as the Motorcycle driving, bad ass walking mean mother fucking DEAD MAN, STONE COLD going full on Heel and joining forces with vince mc mahan, damn fuck me side ways i can't believe i still even remember most of these. Glad the wrestling guy in me still has it. Hell I still have some of my past shirts and merchandises from past shows like my Y2J RAW IS JERICHO, DEAD MAN INC, the Rocks 9/11 shirt, and other shirts from past wrestling events that i have purchased.

This thread might actually be pretty cool. Nice to know there is a thread were i can pretty much blabber on about my old Wrestling life from back in the day. I can literally go on from King of the Ring Hell in the Cell 98 foley vs Undertaker up until 2002 when Kane took his mask off and went all crazy schizophrenic on us. I remember so much shit from my old wrestling days, the awesome story lines, even the border line retarded ones, like Triple H dressed up as kane and having sex with a dead corpse.....
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