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2001 and 2002 were good years to and I think those years are still considered part of the attitude era. I went to a ton of wrestling shows back then whenever they hit my town, Rochester or up in Ontario Canada. From '97-2002 you couldn't stop me from going to see the WWF live. I even went to a number of WCW shows during the monday night wars and my city was a regular stop for ECW and I never missed a show from them here. It all fucked up once Vince bought WCW and ECW out and decided to make it all one show. The worst thing was sperating the rosters between Raw and Smackdown. That idea ran it's course years ago yet they still do it now.

The WWE has been bad for awhile but usually there's always a few guys I like that keep me watching still.There's only two reasons to watch now are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. If it weren't for them two I would've completely stopped watching but they're both good enough to keep my interest.
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