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Originally Posted by Raivotar View Post
Volbeat is the most original band I've heard in a long time. My tastes in metal are pretty varied. But at a time when everything that's coming out is so fucking cookie-cutter, it's refreshing to hear a band like Volbeat.

Iced Earth is pretty much my favorite band, so seeing these two tour together is cool. Just wish it was co-headline and there was no Hell Yeah. IE's set is basically what I expected. They had an off-date headline performance earlier tonight. Same sort of setlist as the Symphony X tour but they pulled out some Framing/Crucible songs -- Setian Massacre and Come What May. Buuuuut, they cut When the Night Falls, which is a no-no in my opinion.
WEll I do think it is pretty damn cool of Volbeat to have IE on the tour. They actually demanded to have IE open and they did want them to have the main support slot, but their label said no, they gotta have someone with more commercial appeal as the main support. Which sucks, but the fact that IE is getting any kind of attention from a new fanbase is all good in my book.

I can't wait for Tuesday when i get to hang out with Iced Earth!
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