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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Now that they got rid of the drum dual. I am no longer interested in what they do.
Not sure if they got rid of it for good, depends on the size of this London venue.

Godsmack were in Milwaukee (near where I live) in May 2011. Although I wasn't at the show, I looked at the setlists and YouTube videos and there was no drum duel at that show unlike most of last year, I think due to the size of the venue.

Godsmack are still on high on my list of bands I want to see live. If they were "headlining" the Uproar tour this year I would see them. Although I love Shinedown, I just saw them live (w/ Adelitas Way) on April 13 and I've already seen Papa Roach in June 2010. Since I've already seen 3/5 bands on the Uproar Festival, I'll save for Rise Against instead.
Upcoming concerts I'm attending-
Weezer (December 10)
Muse (January 13)
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