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I haven't watched WWF since they dropped the F and change it to WWE. I use to be a huge wrestling fanatic back in the day. RAW is War 90s attitude era was my shit back in the day, does anyone remember the main theme by anthrax that they would use to play during breaks and stuff? Awwww those were the good ol days, seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin at raw is war in person will always be one of the greatest moments of my life, he even through a bunch of steam wiser beers at our direction after the show was over ,

i'm not talking about that poppy cock bullshit raw that they have now with new lame rock pop papa roach bullshit music being played,

I'M TALKING ABOUT THIS SHIT MY PEOPLE, This was my era of wrestling. I'm glad i got to witness this generation of Wrestling, the greatest era, THE ATTITUDE ERA, 1997-2000 RIP

Oh and for those that are at lost, this is the Anthrax song i was talking about, they would always play this tune through out the 2 hour raw shows, especially when hyping up matches. It's even more epic when you're at the show and the song is just being blasted in your face as you await the next match, especially during commercial breaks. Good times..

ANTHRAX Monday night raw is war theme song. Goddamn i forgot how epic raw is war and old WWF use to be.

One of the best wrestling shows will alway be Wrestlemania 2000, I was there at the anahiem pond and witnessed the epic fatal 4 way elimination match between big show, rock, mick foley, and triple h for Triple HS world heavy weight title, and it was technically MICK foleys last match. But nothing will ever beat the first time i saw stone cold steve austin on raw is war, it was like seeing slayer for the first time or something, just an incredible feeling and experience i will never forget that shit. Too bad i have only had the opportunity to see stone cold once, I didn't get to start hitting up wresting events and shows until around 2000 and so forth, with Wrestlemania 2000 being my first wrestling event ever, or as some would like to call it, WrestleMania XVI..

Just felt like dropping my two cents, had no idea we had a fucking wrestling thread until now. Too bad I stopped watching Wrestling once John Cena and other douchers infected the company. World Wrestling Federation 97-2000 attitude era will always be my hey days of Wrestling. Kind of fell of the tip mark, but what do i know, i haven't watched wrestling in probably more than five years. But hopefully it's not as shitty as i last remember.
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