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I think Rage For Order, Operation: Mindcrime, Empire, and Promised Land are brilliant albums. I know my opinion is in the minority, but it's an opinion I've held for years and I still find myself returning to those albums with frequency.

Queensryche has certainly been hit and miss since then, but for my money Tribe, Operation: Mindcrime II, and American Soldier are decent enough albums, and Hear in the Now Frontier & Q2K have a few decent cuts between them. Dedicated to Chaos, well....

I've seen Queensryche nine times since the beginning of 2005 (skipped tours such as the Cabaret...) and they've never disappointed me live. They're all friendly approachable guys too.

So yeah, they are definitely not for everyone, have certainly alienated plenty of metal fans () and have certainly had better times than lately, but still, they were a solid band, and I can't help but feel this turn of events is a tad bittersweet.