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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
As far as the Doctor Butcher thing goes: Blame Paul O'Neill. This WAS originally supposed to be more about that, when it was assumed that Chris Caffery was going to be joining him to play guitar on those songs, since that was Jon and Chris's project. But Paul basically told him that he wasn't allowed to do it, and then after Chris left the picture, Jon decided to just scrap most of it anyway. Frankly I can't blame him, most people I know (including most people there last night) definitely weren't really particularly excited for it and would've rather heard more Savatage or JOP songs instead.
Lack of Doctor Butcher makes sense now. They had originally been advertising a "very special guest guitarist" for the tour, which obviously was intended to be Caffery.

I was looking forward to hearing Doctor Butcher songs but also prepared to see majority of the venue not having a clue what he's playing when he plays Doctor Butcher or Jon Oliva's Pain material.

Not going to complain with that setlist though and can't wait for 15 July now.
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