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Week 3:

Rush- Caravan
Oddland- Above And Beyond
Circus Maximus- Used
Gojira- Liquid Fire
Periphery- Scarlet
Ihsahn- Recollection
Today I Caught The Plague- Of Fang and Flesh
Today I Caught the Plague- Today I Caught The Plague Interview (Live From Station 4)
Today I Caught the Plague- From Bulwark To Bane (Live From Station 4)
Coheed & Cambria- The Broken
Between The Buried And Me- Mordecai
Opeth- Bleak
Scale The Summit- Redwoods
Scale The Summit- Scale The Summit Interview (Live From Station 4)
Scale The Summit- Levitated (Live From Station 4)
Scale The Summit- Origin of Species (Live From Station 4)
The Contortionist- Holomovement
Chimp Spanner- Dark Age Of Technology
Frank Zappa- Bamboozled By Love
Devin Townsend Project- Juno
Dream Theater- Breaking All Illusions
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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