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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
#45 is another doom album, by a band that I had never heard of before last year, and whom I'm really sorry I missed on tour in 2011.
Originally Posted by Seventhzealot View Post
#45 - Rwake
Again, close, but no cigar. As mentioned in the previous mini-review, I had heard Rwake before, but they just hadnít clicked with me yet. On the other hand, until last year, I had never heard of this band:

45. Dark Castle - Surrender to All Life Beyond Form

Öand had I heard this colossal album prior to their tour last year with YOB, I definitely would have tried my best to attend the show. Holy fuck. Just, holy fucking fuck. This band absolutely rocks, and whatís more, there are only two people in it. Much like Black Cobra, Jucifer and a few other two-person outfits, Dark Castle manage to make enough noise for about four or five folks. Not only that, but the music is compelling as all get-out. Itís not just your standard run-of-the-mill straightforward doom. Itís more like SubRosa and a handful of other excellent doom bands that know when to be somewhat quiet, and when to knock your fucking socks off. There are dramatic changes in pace, volume and tone throughout this album, but through it all, Dark Castle easily manage to keep the listenerís attention by crafting music thatís so interesting that itís impossible to lose one's focus on it. On the one hand, the bone-grinding riff that pervades ďSeeing Through TimeĒ, one of the albumís most crushing tracks, is simply awesome. On the other hand, there are tracks such as the synth-driven ďTo Hide Is to DieĒ, which rely on an eerie sense of mysterious atmospherics punctuated by some truly haunting spoken-word vocals from the mega-talented Stevie Floyd to convey an equally serious sense of dread. All in all, this album is only thirty-three minutes long (perhaps one of the few aspects with which I might take issue), yet it feels like a journey of epic proportions whenever I listen to it. Awesome stuff.
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