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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
#46 is a sludge / doom album by a band that I've been trying to like for a while now, and this year's release finally did it for me.
Originally Posted by Seventhzealot View Post
#46 - YOB
Not quite, but close. Witness:

46. Rwake - Rest

So as I mentioned in my hint, I’ve been trying to like Rwake for a while now, and their 2011 release finally did it for me. Maybe it was the extra touch of the well-placed atmospheric parts in between the crushing parts, or maybe it was the creative use of things like acoustic guitar here and there, or maybe nothing at all has changed about this band’s sound and I was simply in a better mood or a more open frame of mind when I listened to it, but one way or another, this album managed to not only capture but also hold my interest for many repeated listens. I wouldn’t really expect a sludge outfit from Arkansas to sound like this, but then again I don’t know if I can really say what a sludge outfit from Arkansas “should” sound like. I just know I like this album a lot. It’s crushing and brutal in many places. In others, it is heavy yet beautiful at the same time. At times, it reminds me of Neurosis, and at other times I hear bands like Mastodon at work (in fact, the epic track “The Culling” is at times quite reminiscent of “Hearts Alive”). At any rate, in my humble opinion, this is Rwake’s finest work to date.
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