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Dream Theater -- Lewiston, NY -- June 17th, 2012

Bridges in the Sky
The Dark Eternal Night
This is the Life
The Root of All Evil
Lost Not Forgotten
A Fortune in Lies
On the Backs of Angels
War Inside My Head
The Test that Stumped Them All
The Spirit Carries On
Breaking All Illusions
Metropolis Pt. 1

Excellent performance as always from them. I think not rotating the set every night is helping James to be a better live singer. He can be inconsistant live but judging by the video clips i've seen and this show, he's been spot on with everything over the last year. The new material sounded great, i'm not sure why Lost Not Forgotten wasn't played on the first leg because everything sounded good on that one. I'm not sold on Bridges In The Sky as the opening song though, it seems to lack that opening pop that's needed. Plus, it sounded to me like the chorus was played a little softer and slower than on the album so it didn't have the impact it should've. I think On The Backs Of Angels or Lost Not Forgotten would be the better new song to open with.

Everyone, myself included, sang at the top of their lungs and drowned out James on 6:00, Surrounded, The Spirit Carries On and Metropolis. The two songs off 6 Degrees were also very well recieved. I enjoyed the whole set except for The Dark Eternal Night. I just can't get into that song no matter what. It's so annoying and generic that even Avenged Sevenfold would say "Dam that's really generic metal right there." Mangini was great and has an awesome drum kit, I would call it Neil Peart's drum kit on steroids. The band my miss Portnoy when it comes to stage presnence but they sure aren't missing anything on drums. Petrucci was great as always and while i'm not a musician, i'm still in awe every time I see him play.

Even though they're not changing the set every night it was a great show. The performance is what counts not how many songs you switch or don't switch up.
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