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Originally Posted by Raivotar View Post
I like Clayman, but when I see Pinball Map and Only for the Weak, it's not like I get excited about it. Maybe if they played some other songs from the record, I would. To me, Clayman was their last good record. What's really sad is that if they re-recorded their first three records and marketed them as "brand new", those songs would get plenty of attention at their shows. I just can't believe they have to ignore their best material (IMO) because 90% of their fans don't know it exists.
I think the Clayman songs translate over best, live. In the last few american tours, bar the last, perhaps, they have tried to represent their older stuff... somewhat. In 2009, I got to see about 3-4 Clayman songs, one from Colony, and one from Whoracle. The amount of people that do NOT know about these albums, or atleast "like them" is atonishing. I remember standing in line to get shit signed at Mayhem when they came, and like 3 people I talked to were like "I hope they play The Quiet Place".

Besides a select few, I don't see Jester Race songs transferring over live so great. Maybe Dead God in Me, and Graveland, but not so much for the others.
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