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Ceremony -- Chicago, IL -- June 18th, 2012

Source: Me
The Bottom Lounge

Cermony (based off the written setlist I got):

Brace Yourself
Open head
He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings
Into The Wayside Part I
The Doldrums
Throwing Bricks
The Difference Between Looking and Seeing
World Blue
Pressure's On (Red C cover)
Living Hell
Terminal Addiction
Repeating the Circle
I Want To Put This To An End

Sweet show. I wanna say only about 75 people or so showed up; kind of a shame. Everyone up front was going crazy though, really fun time! Ross is a sick frontman, he jumped down into the crowd and was pushing people around for a bit. That man does not give a single fuck. Loved every second of it; the old stuff is incredible live of course, but I also thought the Zoo stuff was just as good in its own way. Great crowd response; were hxc dancing to Hysteria at one point

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