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I love The Garden, it is one of my favorites on Clockwork Angels, I wouldn't mind hearing them play it. The only song on Clockwork Angels I put above The Garden is The Anarchist.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Well, there are a lot of Rush fans who are in love with The Garden. Something about how beautiful the musical arrangement is and how the lyrics make them cry. I guess i'm too metal to be that much of a pussy so i'm not sure what they're talking about
It doesn't make some on a pussy or not metal to cry when they hear a song. Rock and Metal are the most personal and emotional genres. Songwriters in Rock and Metal put more personal stories and emotion into their music than anyone else in music. Rush might not make you emotional like that, but that doesn't mean someone else can't get emotional when listening to the band. We don't know what other people's lives are like, we don't know what they have been through, so we will not understand why they feel the way they do when they listen to The Garden.

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