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Originally Posted by VelvetHarry View Post
I have come to terms with the fact that In Flames is catering to the fan base from their newer, (IMO) crappier music. I can't necessarily blame them I guess (gotta eat). But I just wish they'd throw a few more bones to old school fans. Very nice to see Artifacts and Gyroscope on this set, but it's such a rare occasion to see stuff like that anymore. It's kind of surprising not to see at least one song each from their first three albums (not counting Lunar Strain) in regular rotation. Something like:

JESTER RACE: Artifacts of the Black Rain
WHORACLE: Jotun, Gyroscope or Episode 666
COLONY: Embody the Invisible, Scorn or Colony
Anders has said in tons of interviews, the NA crowds don't respond to as much pre-Reroute to Remain. Just a fact. It's not a matter of catering to anybody. Anything from Jester Race will get nothing but silence from the crowd. Can't cater to 2%.
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