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GWAR -- London, Ontario -- June 17th, 2012

Easily the best GWAR show I've been to yet, for multiple reasons, heard some songs I haven't heard live before, the sprayed more blood and other fluids than ever before, and most importantly... IT WAS THE BEST WAY TO SPEND MY 22nd BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet for the opening bands. First one Militant was really boring and just not good. Second band Mulletcorpse was a little better, but nothing special.

GWAR absolutely went full out. Again, easily the best time I've ever seen them. I also thought that they did a really good job and pulled it together after the tragic loss of Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus). It was very different without him, but still a very awesome solid performance. Best birthday ever!!!

Zombies, March!
A Gathering Of Ghouls
Storm Is Coming
Saddam A Go-Go
The Salaminizer
Crack In The Egg
Bring Back The Bomb
Immortal Corrupter
KZ Necromancer
Eighth Lock
Metal Metal Land
The Uberklaw
Ham On The Bone
Sick Of You
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