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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Been saying that for years. I've seen JOP twice, and both times he did about three actual JOP songs and the rest was Savatage. He keeps telling Savatage fans to stop living in the past. Yeah, well, your first, Jon.

With this tour, it's not exactly a surprise though, seeing as it's the Hall of the Mountain King anniversary tour. My gripe is that it was also meant to be an anniversary tour for the Doctor Butcher album, and he's only doing one song from it.
As far as the Doctor Butcher thing goes: Blame Paul O'Neill. This WAS originally supposed to be more about that, when it was assumed that Chris Caffery was going to be joining him to play guitar on those songs, since that was Jon and Chris's project. But Paul basically told him that he wasn't allowed to do it, and then after Chris left the picture, Jon decided to just scrap most of it anyway. Frankly I can't blame him, most people I know (including most people there last night) definitely weren't really particularly excited for it and would've rather heard more Savatage or JOP songs instead.

Also, Jon is only telling people to not live in the past regarding the LINEUP of Savatage, not the music. Jon's been pretty up front about the fact that to him, JOP is the continuation of his musical career, which essentially is just Savatage. He loves those songs and wants to keep playing them, and people want to keep hearing them. All he wants is for people to stop asking him over and over when he's going to reunite with whatever random people someone else associates as "Savatage" and just let him do his thing.
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