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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
You gotta love Jon's whole "there will be no Savatage reunion" mantra and then he ends up playing a show with his band where the 98 percent of the set is Savatage songs. I think he enjoys fuckin with everybody.
Been saying that for years. I've seen JOP twice, and both times he did about three actual JOP songs and the rest was Savatage. He keeps telling Savatage fans to stop living in the past. Yeah, well, your first, Jon.

With this tour, it's not exactly a surprise though, seeing as it's the Hall of the Mountain King anniversary tour. My gripe is that it was also meant to be an anniversary tour for the Doctor Butcher album, and he's only doing one song from it.

17/7 Ripper Owens
6/8 Queensryche
11/9 W.A.S.P.
18/9 Theater Equation
26/9 Ugly Kid Joe

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