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In Flames -- Gothenburg, Sweden -- June 15th, 2012

Played @ Metaltown 2012...only posting because they actually pulled out some songs that haven't been played in ages..

Jester's Door
-Cloud Connected
-Artifacts of the Black Rain
-Only for the Weak
-Reroute to Remain
-Dial 595 Escape
-Crawl Through Knives
-Delight and Angers
-Where the Dead Ships Dwell
-The Chosen Pessimist
-Fear is the Weakness
-All For Me
-Deliver Us
-The Mirrors Truth
-Take This Life
-My Sweet Shadow (stopped due to equipment failure)
-Pinball Map

Pretty sure its the first time they played something off the Jester Race since like 2008, but its probably just a festival thing
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