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Jack Russell's Great White -- Santa Clara, CA -- June 15th, 2012

Opening night of America Rocks Tour!

Bands were:

Jack Russell's Great White
Faster Pussycat
Bullet boys
Pretty Boy Floyd
Lillian Ax

got there a little late..right when Lillian Ax was finishing, they were pretty up Pretty Boy Floyd, they kicked off ok i guess..but the sound was really messed up for them. the guitar was higher then whole band..then vocals were too was a mess. there was a long 10min of silence and Pretty Boy Floyd bassist said "see ya, goodnight" and walked off!!

Bullet Boys went on next with NO sound issues..they Rocked the place, singer sounds amazing still, and the whole band havent lost a beat...not sure of there setlist...they played lot of new stuff...finished with "smooth up in ya" only one i knew.

Faster Pussycat went on next with the same badass energy they always do! they never dissapoint! unfortunatly their setlist was cut short cause bulletboys went too long.


Bye Bye Bianca
Jack the Bastard
Slip of the Tongue
Number 1 with a Bullet
Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll
House of Pain
Bathroom Wall/Pretty Fucked Up/Bathroom Wall conclusion
Shut Up & Fuck

after a long long night...Great White hits the stage at 12:30 it was sad to see a handful of people leaving cause of the time...its ROCK N ROLL STAY UP!
but Jack russell sounds incredible still! doesnt look too good though to be honest..had a limp, seemed exhausted not even halfway through set.. but had superior stage prescence and crowd interaction. they really rocked!!!!


Call it rock n roll
On your knees
Save Your Love
Mista Bone
Save Me
Guitar Solo
House of broken love
Cant shake it
Rock me
Once bitten twice shy

setlist was a little too short in my opinion..but great show none the less
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12/31 Y&T
2/5 HellYeah
3/8 Motionless In White
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