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Lamb of God -- Dublin, Ireland -- June 13th, 2012

Well, this was a ridiculous show altogether. We got to doors about half an hour early and there was quite the cue, but not huge. Got into the venue, checked out merch and then went upstairs to wait for Sylosis. About 8 o clock, Sylosis went on, and the crowd loved them, circle pits and even a small wall of death for them. There was a very funny moment where one of my buddies was at the back barrier of the venue, and the circle pit was going literally right in front of him, and he just had a look of almost boredom on his face, it was funny contrast at the time!

Anyway, Sylosis were super tight, would not mind seeing them again. Then came the wait for Lamb of God, which was thankfully not that long, as they were due on at 9, and Sylosis finished at half 8. The tension was growing when suddenly, the intro track started, and before we knew it, Chris was doing the drum intro to Desolation, and the crowd was going NUTS. Moshing EVERYWHERE, it was actually like some ridiculous roller-coaster it was that intense, I stayed in the pit for desolation, then went to the side for Ghost Walking. This was my first time seeing them headline a show, I'd waited 7 years, and I was like a small child at Christmas singing along to the songs, air-guitaring, just generally loving every second. Walk With Me In Hell was an unexpected surprise so early on, Set To Fail was super intense, but it was Now You've Got Something To Die For that was the first time the whole crowd just went nuts. Indeed, the older songs, such as Ruin and Hourglass, were by far the crowd favorites. Personally, Hourglass and The Undertow was my favorite double whammy!

Laid To Rest brought the main set to a close with a bang, I moshed pretty hard for the middle section in that, as it was the first Lamb of God song I ever heard, some 7 years ago, so I had to really dig deep for that one. Then came the encore. I prayed for Reclamation, but In Your Words was good as well, then Redneck was fun, the crowd tried to circle pit, but it was too dense, we were just falling about the place. Then came the wall of death for Black Label, and like that, it was all over. Great performance, and a whole lot of fun. You guys can complain about a repetitive setlist all you want, but I, like all of my buddies, thoroughly enjoyed last night, and it was only the second time Lamb of God had headlined here, so we haven't had the opportunity as much as you guys have to see some of the older material.

Shirts were modestly priced at 20e, picked up a tour t shirt. I am still in agony as of now, but that was some of the best fun I have had at a show. Good times my friends, good times!

Ghost Walking
Walk With Me In Hell
Set To Fail
Now You've Got Something To Die For
The Undertow
The Number 6
Laid To Rest

In Your Words
Black Label
Yesterday don't mean SHIT.

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