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Didn't meet many people at MDF... but....

Lead dude from YOB: Didn't necessarily meet him, but he seemed like a cool dude the little I was around him.

Shatraug & Infection from Horna: Shatraug was a really cool dude, we shot the shit for a while about immigrants and just global politics and how fucked up they all are. Infection was a rad guy, but drank way too much and got a bit mouthy.

2 dudes from Demigod (didn't know names): They were really drunk and annoying.

Merch homie for Ghoul: RAD AS FUCK guy, he was cool to shoot the shit with.

I dunno the last post I made on here... so let's see what else I can think up...
Emilio Marquez of Possessed/Asesino/Sadistic Intent: Really cool guy, he was one of my biggest drumming influences when I started, so it was rad he didn't get all cocky when I mentioned that to him.

Mike from Gravehill: OMG, such a cool and nice guy. We chatted for a bit, he really dug my band, helped me find my missing Absu shirt. Really awesome dude.

....i'll think up more.
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