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Week 2:

Morning Glory- Another Way
Van Halen- China Town
Prong- Ammunition
Primal Rock Rebellion- No Place Like Home
Torche- Kicking
For the Imperium- Pike River
Gatherer- Regular Frontier
Knives Out- Blood Everywhere
Eluveitie- A Rose For Epona
In Mourning- Celestial Tear
Atoma- Skylight
Napalm Death- Everyday Pox
Kayo Dot- Rite of Goetic Evocation
Paradise Lost- Crucify
The 11th Hour- We All Die Alone
Borknagar- The Earthling
Screaming Savior- Star of Fatality
Angel Vivaldi- Sign of Life Inside
Skyharbor- Catharsis
Periphery- Make Total Destroy
Adaliah- Harbors
Ihsahn- Introspection (Feat. Devin Townsend)
Vaura- Souvenirs
Vext- In The End
Brendon Small's Galaktikon- On My Way
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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