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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Damn that's crazy no barricade. Sounds like a fun show. Don't know shit about hardcore but I really enjoy Have Heart's The Things They Carry and the obvious stuff like Hatebreed and Terror. Where should I commence in terms of these acts?
Besides Sick of It All, the other bands don't really have that much music. Youth of Today has three cds: We're Not in This Alone, Can't Close my Eyes and Break Down the Walls. All are amazing. They also have some eps but it contains the songs from the cds, except Disengage, which is also awesome. No For An Answer just has You LAugh EP, A Thought Crusade and It Makes Me Sick 7". I love every song on those releases. It Makes Me Sick is my favorite though. Gorilla Biscuits only has one full length called Start Today. Its amazing. Their eps are also worth listening to. For Bold, get the Crippled Youth EP called Join the Fight. Crippled Youth is pre Bold.
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