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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
I almost went to this show because I really love the new CD and was hoping to hear those songs live. I'm sure glad I skipped it because I would have been disappointed by this setlist. I have seen The Cult once each decade since they've existed and I last saw them a few years ago and it was probably one of their best shows. I mean, why even bother making a great new album if you are only going to play a couple songs from it and then play the same 10 songs you've been playing for decades. Bummer.
The thing is, the are playing four new songs. In a 16 song set that's pretty good. It's just they're not playing any of the really good ones. They're just playing the ones that sound like all the old ones. Actually, Billy suggested in a recent interview that they've tried to make a bunch of stuff that sounds like old stuff because their fans are always moaning about their new material. Guess that's why they chose the most obvious four to play live.

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