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The Cult -- Philadelphia, PA -- June 10th, 2012

After pre-gaming at a bar next door, my wife and I walked in just as Against Me was finishing their set so we really made it just in time for the Cult. Setlist was the same as the rest of the tour that I've seen but they definitely delivered for the most part. Still a lot of great energy live from these guys, we rocked out.

On another post I commented that I was bummed there weren't more songs from Sonic Temple and someone else replied that they must hate that album because they never play anything but Fire Woman. I must say after this show I must agree because Ian really half-assed Fire Woman, which is a bummer because I love that song. He either skipped or seemed to forget half the lyrics and really didn't bother to belt out the chorus like he used to. Kind of weird. The rest of the set was generally really solid though. They kicked ass on the new songs and were on top of their game for sure on Rain, She Sells Sanctuary and Love Removal Machine. We had a great time and the crowd response was really good too, though the venue was nowhere near sold out.

Shirts were $30 in case anyone is wondering.

Lil' Devil
Honey From A Knife
Fire Woman
The Wolf
Wild Flower
The Phoenix
For The Animals
Spirit Walker
She Sells Sanctuary

Love Removal Machine
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