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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I think it must have stemmed from his disappointment that the crowd was so small, even though they were on the main stage.

As standard for a festival crowd those packed in front of the stage were going nuts, everyone else was scattered across the field standing or sitting and watching.

He threatened to stop playing, moaned about the lack of activity (like he's a regular Bruce Dickinson), called the entire crowd "pathetic", played the next song then did it again. Played the rest of the set sulking. When he needed to change guitars for the last time he slammed the one he'd finished with into the floor, and as the last song was winding down he played the last couple of bars from behind the drums so he could storm staight off. Left the others (mostly Troy) to acknowledge the crowd.
Wow, that's brutal. I've never seen Mastodon live, this kind of thing doesn't make me want to change that.
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