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Originally Posted by electrocute1031 View Post
full King Diamond setlist:
The Candle
Welcome Home
Matt Drum Solo
At The Graves
Up From The Grave
Let It Be Done
Sleepless Nights
Andy + Mike Solo
Shapes Of Black
Come To The Sabbath (Sweden Rock Festival only Guests: Hank Shermann + Michael Poulsen)
Eye Of The Witch


The Family Ghost
Halloween (Sweden Rock Festival only Guests: Michael Denner + Mikkey Dee)
Black Horsemen

holy fuck, the King is back.
4/26 Circle Takes The Square/Loma Prieta/leer.
5/01 Mastodon/Gojira
5/02 Rin Tin Tiger
6/06 Meshuggah/BTBAM (?)
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