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Six Feet Under -- Atlanta, GA -- June 8th, 2012


1) Unattained
2) Harlot
3) Dismantle the Dictator
4) No Funeral

Dying Fetus:

1) Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)
2) Homicidal Retribution
3) From Womb to Waste
4) One Shot, One Kill
5) Shepherd's Commandment
6) Fornication Terrorists
7) Invert the Idols
8) Your Treachery Will Die With You
9) Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog

Six Feet Under

1) No Warning Shot
2) Hammer Smashed Face
3) Human Target
4) Delayed Combustion Device
5) Reckless
6) Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
7) Victim of the Paranoid
8) Silent Violence
9) Revenge of the Zombie
10) Near Death Experience
11) Deathklaat
12) Seed of Filth
13) Shadow of the Reaper
14) Beneath a Black Sky
15) Stripped, Raped and Strangled

I got there right before doors opened, and was able to get front really easy. Two local bands opened the show (don't remember their names), but they were pretty good.

Revocation started to have sound problems so they had to cut their set short They were great live as always and I really enjoyed seeing them so maybe next time there won't be as many problems.

By the time Dying Fetus came on the stage the crowd were really pumped up, and as soon as the first note was played a huge mosh pit broke out which was really cool to see. They sounded spot on, and after their set I talked to the drummer and bassist for a little bit. They said there are plans for them to do a headline tour around October/November so be on the look out for it! Also, at the show I ran into Karl from Nile and talked to him for a bit. He said expect a Nile headline show in February Neither of the bands knew who they would be playing with on the headline shows, but both tours are in the works.

Six Feet Under started off with "No Warning Shot", and from the first note to the last was just total chaos. Chris seemed to be in a real good mood on stage so I'm glad Atlanta gave 100%, and put a good start for this tour.
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