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Originally Posted by Crumbs View Post
A "secret" Machine Head-gig under the name "Ten Ton Hammer".

Venue: King's College

1 Ten Ton Hammer (Extended Original Mix)
2 Battery (Metallica Cover)
3 The Hellion / Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest Covers)
4 Wolves
5 A New Level / Walk / Fucking Hostile (Pantera Covers)
6 Everlong (Foo Fighters Cover)
7 Pearls Before The Swine (1st time ever played live)
8 Sad Statue (System of a Down Cover)
9 Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
10 Bite the Bullet
11 Alan's On Fire (Poison Idea Cover)
12 Postmortem (Slayer Cover)
13 Halo
14 Davidian

Source/video clips:
I think this set is friggin awesome. The Pantera covers are fantastic and the songs they play off the Blackening are great. Wolves? Love that song. Pearls before the swine is top 3 on new album. I would actually spend $ to see this set.
4/21 Death
5/16 Chimaira
5/28 Cannibal Corpse
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