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Essential Live Albums / DVDs

I did a few searches and couldn't find a thread for this, so hopefully there wasn't one I missed.

I tend to find a lot of live albums and DVDs to be redundant or boring, but there are some that really standout among the rest. Those are the ones that have something memorable about them. They capture an era of a band long gone, or a unique setlist. Or maybe they just perfectly capture how you envisioned the band to be live. So, I wanted to start a thread about them. Contribute your own favorites, comment, discuss, whatever. Please don't just post a bunch of images without any sort of commentary though.

And lastly...


In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

Live in Leipzig

This was the album that really got me into black metal. As any black metal fan knows, it's one of the few recordings with Dead. The opening line, "Only death is real" is probably the most famous black metal quote. The whole atmosphere of this album is just perfect. To me it represents the essence of black metal. It's not often that I prefer a live recording over a studio one, but I always come back to this.

Judas Priest
Unleashed in the East

When I first heard the intro to "Exciter" I was hooked. This is a remarkable release. Despite the overdubbing, it remains an iconic heavy metal album. It takes you back to the golden era of the band. With classics like "Victim of Changes" and "Tyrant" you can't go wrong here. Not only that, but the sound is spot on and Rob sounds great. It's one of those things that makes you wish you had a time machine.

Live Without Sense

Destruction's early albums were poorly produced, and although I have grown to like the sound, it still takes away a lot of power in the music. Not only does this album show the band in their prime, but you can actually hear the songs as they were meant to be. The guitars sound heavier and the drums are no longer paper thin. It's most noticeable in the intros to "Curse the Gods" and "Invincible Force".

The Close of a Chapter

After seeing Suffocation live I didn't think this album would be able to show the immensity of their performance. I was wrong. This is the definition of crushing. Although this is well past the band's early days, they still sound incredible and the set still has plenty of classics. If you are a Suffocation fan, this album is a must have.

Morbid Angel
Live Madness

Well, of course I was going to put this one in here! This DVD was recorded on the legendary Grindcrusher Tour and Morbid Angel played all of Altars of Madness. David Vincent sounds great, as he was still doing higher pitched growls at this time. The crowd is going insane for the entire set, with tons of stage diving and headbanging going on. It makes me wish I was there to take part in the madness.

In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

Seeing as there are a lot of Opeth fans here, I'm sure you all know about this DVD. At nearly three hours in length, this is probably the longest setlist Opeth has ever played. Featuring their acclaimed album, Blackwater Park, in its entirety, as well as other rarely played songs, this is a spectacle of a show. On top of that it was extremely well done. It's a moment in Opeth's history that every fan needs to own.

Iron Maiden
Live After Death

I think some of the big Maiden fans here will have a lot more to say about this than me. Specifically, PowerMaiden. Anyway, this is Maiden in (arguably) their best period. Awesome show and awesome setlist. I'm sure there is a lot of criticism out there (that seems to be the case with anything Maiden does), but I think it's awesome, and really captures what a Maiden show is like.
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