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Gates Of Slumber - This traditional doom trio from Indiana sounded really good and I was glad to finally see them live. Like good blues music that has the emotion interwoven into the music, you can really hear the anguish in Gates Of Slumber’s doom riffs and vocals. I have only listened to 2011’s The Wretch a little bit, but after this performance I will be revisiting that release.

King’s Destroy - They were the band that I liked the least on this show; and that is certainly not to say that they were bad, just on a really great lineup. I would say that they play doom with a little more groove to it and some psychedelic moments.

Magic Circle - These guys were so awesome. They are from Boston and comprised of a bunch of hardcore guys, but they play awesome throwback Black Sabbath style doom. Their singer has a great voice for this style of metal with visions of Ozzy or Robert Plant at moments. I don’t think they have any material released yet, but any east coast traditional doom fans should keep an eye out for shows. I think manks mentioned it and I agreed that their first and last songs were the strongest of the set.

Hail!Hornet - Sludge supergroup of sorts Hail!Hornet brought some whiskey and weed fueled mayhem to the outside stage of Red 7. They kicked their set off with ‘Shoot The Pigs’ and then it became a blur of and for me but I screamed my head off when they played ‘Disperse The Curse’. Dixie Dave is still entertaining as all hell even when he doesn’t have a microphone. If you like sludge and don’t know these guys, do your homework.

Church Of Misery - Even with an impressive night of bands up to this point the Japanese doom masters stole the show. The inside stage at Red 7 was packed and was hot, sweaty and somewhat claustrophobic in a way that made it the perfect atmosphere for Church Of Misery. Right when the first riffs of feedback drenched awesomeness got rolling it was clear that these guys were about to kick everyone’s ears right in the ass.

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