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Saturday (day) - Beerland
Gas Chamber - I thought these guys sounded better the day before partially due to the fact that Gas Chamberís noise and electronic elements sounded much better on Red 7ís sound system.

Stick Together - Straight edge hardcore that didnít really fit the bill. For being straight edge their singer rambled on like a huge stoner going absolutely nowhere with what he was saying. They shouldíve just stuck to playing their songs and not let the singer talk.

Power Trip - These guys are kind of a crossover thrash hardcore band from Dallas in the vein of stuff like DRI. They put on a fun show but they do attract some ninja kids. They would get to an awesome thrash breakdown that would be perfect for a circle pit stomp, but all you would see were feet and fists spinning around in the pit. Fans of Black Breath and the like should keep an eye out for Power Tripís new album later this year on Southern Lord.

Midnight - The place was absolutely packed for Midnight. It had to be close to 100 degrees in there by the time the hell raisers took the stage with their hoods but minus shirts. They ripped through a great set of their satan worshipping black speed metal. It was kind of weird to see them at a day show, but their fun loving party attitude shined through in the hot and sticky sloppily-good madness. Not disappointed one bit that I skipped the Dropdead day show to get into this. Easily the most fun set I saw all weekend. After their first official full length last year Midnight is finally gaining the following that they deserve, these guys sold a ton of merch in Austin.

Toxic Holocaust - Beerland actually kind of emptied out after Midnight, but those people missed out because Joel and company were definitely the tightest sounding band of this day show. They were fun as always and the people who did stick around knew almost every song. I still maintain that even if you were underwhelmed by their last album, those songs come out goddamn fantastic live. ĎIn The Name of Scienceí was awesome to hear alongside their set staples.

Saturday (night) - Red 7
Terrorism - See previous post

Morbosidad - This Mexican cadre of black metal beasts were essentially the first band to hit the stage this evening and they sounded really solid. Their bestial style of black metal is all sung in spanish and one could call them the Mexican answer to Blasphemy. I really dug that the vocals were a little more dynamic than what you might normally find with this kind of band. A really drunk girl got on stage in a gold sequined shirt and was dancing like a Ď30s style flapper or something, but she was ushered off stage before anything interesting happened. At one point they brought out a bible which was promptly lit on fire and then tossed around in the pit. The bible burning worked the crowd into quite a little frenzy. Impurath of Black Witchery came out and sang a Beherit cover with them. I would say that Morbosidad drew the largest crowd on the inside stage of Red 7 Saturday night.

Ares Kingdom - In light of Absu dropping off Ares Kingdom became the band I was looking forward to the most at this show. Their guitar players are great and was probably the best guitar work I saw all weekend, a lot of technical flair without going overboard. I really loved their Incendiary album and hearing them open with the first two cuts off of that was awesome. Their bassist/vocalist had a beer bottle holster on his belt, so his bottle of Shiner was within reach the whole set. Unfortunately attendance started to dwindle before Ares Kingdom even started, but they were a band that I was expecting more people to watch than mosh to anyway. Musically they were my favorite band of this evening, but Morbosidad and Black Witchery topped them in pure intensity, which was to be expected.

Tear It Up - This night had all the black metal on the inside stage while the outdoor stage hosted punk all night. I stepped outside before Black Witchery started to find the place packed and hung out for a couple songs. Tear It Up is a hardcore band that broke up in Ď03 and reunited for a couple shows last year. People were clearly excited for this show as the place was going off when I walked out there. Iím no hardcore expert, but the couple songs I saw sounded really damn good.

Black Witchery - The devoted black/war metal fans were about all that remained by the time Black Witchery took the stage. Since I called Morbosidad the Mexican answer to Blasphemy I guess one could argue that Black Witchery would be the USAís version. Of the three times I have seen Black Witchery now I would say that the Rites of Darkness show last year only topped this show because of the crazy crowd at Rites. The sound of the venue was so much better at Red 7 for this show though so maybe the Chaos show was better; either way I thought they sounded really tight and for such cacophonous music you could clearly hear the riffs and drum work. Some people say all their songs sound the same. I say, who cares? Itís brutal, raw and unrelenting; just like this kind of metal should be.
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