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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
I had something like that happen to me at Pestilence/Vital Remains. I bummed some homeless lady a cigarette and then she went on about how my Vital Remains shirt was possessing me and that I had to believe what she was saying because she was my elder.

The only times where the for that kind of stupidity ensues is at shows with scene kid douchebags. At regular metal shows (read: death, thrash, black), mosh pit etiquette is in full force.

Also, forgot to mention at Whitechapel headlining shows, shit gets pretty violent. Mostly because there's lots of metalheads (moshers) there and lots of scene kids (pit ninjas) and tempers run high. When I saw them with Monsters in West Dundee, there were multiple brawls, like 4 on 4 and shit, but after like 3 songs, security starting throwing out any hardcore dancer. Then, when they headlined in my town, there had to be two separate pits because not a one of the hardcore dancers could do their bullshit for more than a second without being knocked down.

I notice now at shows like the real metalheads (including me) will make sure to create a actual pit and if some scene kid tries to dance he is taken out ASAP!
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