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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
Still working on my full writeup, but here is the Terrorism bit:

Terrorism - OK, so Terrorism was a one man noise/power electronics/performance art thing I guess. Manks and I walked in on his the final flourish of his “set”, which consisted of an ipod or something playing a backing track while he intermittently yelled into a microphone before pulling out a duffel bag of fireworks and setting off a bunch of fountain style fireworks that are still in the duffel bag. Mind you, this is happening on the inside stage of the venue. The duffel bag catches fire and staff or someone stomped it out in the pit. We also noticed that there was a bunch of debris already on the floor of the pit and on stage. At this point people were heckling him a bit and throwing beers at him, one of which punctured the bass drum set up on stage for Morbosidad. He made some more jack off motions and called us all faggots before leaving the stage. I think the drum kit might have belonged to Black Witchery, because they came out from the merch area to see the drum afterwards and were super pissed. So we chatted with some people who were there for the start and I gathered that his whole set was 8 minutes long and started with a cinderblock and baby powder being smashed by a sledgehammer, hence the debris everywhere. Staff at Red 7 clearly did not know what was going to happen and they looked pretty annoyed cleaning up all the shit. It took about 30 minutes before the smoke and firework smell dissipated. Chaos, I guess. Music, not really.
:LOL: Oh god! haha I could just imagine how terrible that would be to see.
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