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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Dude, post it when you get a chance, I really wanna see how Spahn Ranch sounds. I yelled over the guitarists ear to play Spahn Ranch as he was setting up his equipment before staring their set, but oh well. He complimented my sepultura shirt and said "sick shirt, great band"

But oh my lord, Church of Misery was easily the heaviest shit ever. And I think Hail Hornet may be the loudest band i have ever seen since Motorhead. Either they just wanted to be over exaggeratingly fucking loud(in a good way), or that's just how they usually like to play. Goddamn.

I'm pretty certain there must have been tons of Saint Vitus fans at this show because through out their one hour performance there was really no crowded interaction or pits, but goddamn when War is our Destiny got busted out, that place went fucking nuts, Crazy, insane, I don't know how else to put, Calm cool and collected is the last thing I would call it....
That's great to hear man I bet, when they pick up the pace like on war or on hurricane (pentagram cover) they're fucking deadly. It's awesome to see them change their setlist constantly.
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