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Church of Misery -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 5th, 2012

El Padrino
Candy Man
Taste the Pain
Born to Raise Hell
Blood Sucking Freak
Shotgun Boogie
I, Mother fucker
War is our Destiny (Saint Vitus Cover)

Holy fucking shit…

HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT. This show was heavier than a ton of bricks. I have officially witnessed my 2012 show of the year. It's still too soon but I'm gonna bite my lip on this one and say right now that not even the all mighty slayer whom are my favorite band in the fucking universe can surpass the heaviness that i just witness just only 2 hours ago. Church of Misery are not only one of the greatest live bands that i have ever seen but they might just be the heaviest fucking shit I have ever seen since…fuck, I have never even witness anything so loud, so heavy, and thickened with waves of fucking bricks of heavy distorted riffs, Words can't even describe how blown away i was by these crazy fuckers performance. I'm sure those that saw them in CiT and MDF thought they were great and maybe not amazing, but you people have to witness a band like Church of Misery at a small intimate little bar, rather than a open Music fest with shit ton of people and wide open spaces. A band like Church of Misery must be seen in a much smaller, more intimate clubs and bars where the space is very limited so you are forced to get slapped in the face by waves and waves of heavy thick distorted doom riffidge. HEAVIEST FUCKING SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN. THIS SHIT TOOK THE WORD HEAVY TO A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL AND ELEVATED THAT "H" IN HEAVY with more waves of thick driven doom goodness than I could have possibly imagined. I think i have made myself pretty clear that is is the best show that I have attended this year and will most likely be my number one show of the year. Tatsu mimaki blew my mind away as he worked wonders with his bass creating loud HEAVY fucking thick ass distorted groovy doodles and jam out, and during the actual songs he just fucking


Sorry. I'm still a little over excited from the show. I ended up getting right in the front, there was no rail or any barricade to separate the fans from the band or the equipment so I was pretty much standing right next to the band and touching them and screaming random fan request into their faces through out their amazing performance, ahahhaha, there were many times when the lead singer would kneel on me to start belching out and start screaming out lyrics, he was all over the place like a fucking mad man, I loved it!!! And he shook my hands and would give me the mic to scream with him during songs like Born to Raise Hell and Killfornia. I really liked how there was no rail or baracde to separate us from the band, so It was 100 % in YOUR FACE, action everywhere, and by action I literally MEAN ACTION, Tatsu, and the rest of the members were literally right in my fucking chin, giving me devil horns and acknowledging my existence and presence since I was right up in the bands grill, just going ape shit, jumping up and down with them, it was like one big happy doom family, being at these kind of shows makes miss shows that don't have barricades or stupid rails. Awwh i miss those, you get to be even more up close and personal with the band! anyways, Everyone was just going crazy in the front, especially these two drunk mother fuckers, this one guy would sometimes just lay his whole body on the stage floor and start hounding around like a dog as he would air guitar solo around the band and act like a drunk crazy kook, and the singer would sit on him as a joke and start screaming out lyrics to the songs they were playing. I myself was also partaking in many air guitar soloing and heavy amounts of head banging as they blazed through classics like I, Mother fucker and Born to Raise Hell. I had my devil horns high and mighty through out the Churches set, representing my love for their awesome heavy thick slabs of Doom Heaven. This was not only one of the loudest shows i have ever witness, but HANDS DOWN THE HEAVIEST SHIT EVER. Oh my lord when they busted out TASTE THE PAIN, i could feel my balls tingle as they were getting slapped by heavy amounts of distorted thick bobbing doom riffs as Tatsu and the rest of the gang brought out all the doom artillery they can bring out. Oh yeah and i would also like note that HAIL HORNET is the fucking shit, oh my god they were fucking loud and Dave Dixies Bass was the craziest sounding shit I have ever hear, speaking of dave..

Dave Dixie colleens is easily one of the coolest and fucking kookiest drunkin bass player i have ever laid my eyes on, jesus christ he was a fucking drunkin' maniac, but a good fucking drunkin' maniac. He was just ripping that bass a fucking part, holy mother of god is that guy a sight to behold. During Hail Hornets set, after every song was finished Dave would take a bunch of shots and swigs of booze before busting out the next song, and he had this crazy kooky stare through out their performance. He would look at the crowed in a really weird but cool sort of way, he would do this while he drools and has massive amounts of thick ass disgusting saliva dripping and spewing down all the way to the tip of his beard, and he would flip the audience off in a nice way every four seconds. DIXIE was seriously a fucking animal on stage, in a good way though, I should also once again remind everyone that this guy was drinking a shit load every time a song was finished, some times a fan or two would hand him a shot to take, ahahha Dave Dixie, you are the fucking shit.


As i said earlier, Church of Misery is a band that you gotta witness in small ass little intimate places(same with Hail hornet), rather than big wide open fests with big crowed capacities. The turn out was pretty good as well, tons of people showed up to a pretty packed Bar. During the middle of the set was when the crowed started getting really rowdy! No evil ass moshing or shit like that, but waves of headbangers and fist pumping devil horn fisting folks were taking over the entire venue as the band was crushing our minds with their thick stoner ass heavy doom fucking riffs. I will say that I was a bit disappointed that they decided to not play spahn ranch or Red ripper blues, especially since i kept screaming those two songs for them to play through out their set. But nothing could prepare me for what was to come as the band left, only to return to the stage to play what eventually would be the encore and the last song of the night. When the band left I started screaming ENCORE as well as a few other folks, and then the chants of

"ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE" Began. And soon…. Church of Misery returned on stage with full force, bringing out members of Gates of Slumber and Hail Hornet with them. The members of Gates of Slumber and Hail Hornet started setting up their equipment, and soon the band started doodling around with their instruments and eventually going into the last and final song…..

War is Our Destiny by Saint Vitus!!!!!!!

HOLY MOTHER FUCKING GOD, The moment that opening riff started, I just couldn't believe it!!! I started jumping up in down in a crazy frenzie, knowing what was a bout to come after that opening riff!! AND BOOM the entire place just explodes!! There must of been a ton of Saint Vitus fans at the venue because this was easily the song that got EVERYONE MOVING!! The entire place went fucking ballistics!! myself included! This was the greatest cover performance i had ever witness by any band. Church of Misery did justice to the Saint Vitus Cover and it was a tremendous way to finish off the set. The entire set i felt that the crowed was some what tame, but when they busted out War is Our Destiney by Saint Vitus, jesus christ the entire place exploded, every single man and women in that place was fucking going ape shit to the maximum. When they first got on stage to do the encore I kept repeatedly screaming RED RIPPER BLUES, but to no avail, but playing War is Our Destiny more than made up for my missing fan request, this shit just took the cake, and easily an amazing way to end what was an amazing set. One of the best closings i have ever seen in a bands set... War is Our Destiny was the PERFECT way to end the set…..

Church of Misery is the best show of 2012 for me, with Autopsy just right behind them. Fuck all of you who disagree with me. Highlight was the entire Hail Hornet Set, Seeing Tatsu Rock that fucking bass, Taste the pain, and War is Our Destiney by Saint Vitus. Oh and of course the hot metal head brawdz scattered through out the venue. Good show and i'm really glad i got to make it out for tonight because these days it's much more difficult for me to find time to go to shows since i work two jobs, but damn oh damn, glad i took this chance for tonight and Church of Misery, you guys are my heroes.

One last note: As soon as I arrived to the bar, church of misery was just chilling out side, all the members were just kicking it with the fans and drinking beer and chatting about random shit, sadly I was too shy and too stoned to go up to any of the members for a john hancock or a picture, plus they seemed so busy getting crowded up by all their fans, I just didn't feel like disturbing them

Anyways, there you have it folks. Heavy night full of heavy doom filled goodness
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