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Chaos In Tejas 2012 -- Austin, TX -- June 2nd, 2012

Beerland (day show):

Gas Chamber: 8/10
Stick Together: 6.5/10
Power Trip: 9/10
Midnight: 8.5/10
Toxic Holocaust: 9.5/10

Toxic Holocaust:

Wild Dogs
Death Brings Death
In The Name Of Science
Endless Armageddon
Nuke The Cross


Satanic Royalty
Black Rock 'n' Roll
Lust, Filth and Sleaze
All Hail Hell
Violence On Violence
Holocaustic Deafening
You Can't Stop Steel
Endless Slut
Unholy and Rotten


Red 7 (inside)

Terrorism: LMFAO/10
Morbosidad: 8/10
Ares Kingdom: 8.5/10
Black Witchery: 9.5/10


Altar De Sangre Negra
Cadaver Decompuesto En La Cruz
Bajo el Egendro del Crucificado
Dios Muerto
Sangriento Sacrificio Cristiano
Castracion Bestial
Templo De Lucifer
Infierno Immortal
Emblema De Pentagrama
War Of Hate
In My Blood...
Blaspfemando Al Crucificado
Sangrada Cruz Invertida
Morboso Metal
Solomon's Gate (Beherit Cover) (Impurath on vocals)

Ares Kingdom:

Descent Of Man
The Captive (Sacrilege cover)
Ashen Glory
Firestorm Redemption
Die By Power (Slaughter Lord cover)
Tooth and Nail (Dokken cover)

Black Witchery:

Holocaustic Church Devastation
Unholy Vengeance of War
Crush the Messiah
Blasphemous Onslaught
Command of the Iron Baphomet
Heretic Death Call
Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
Barbarism Domination
Blood Oath
Inferno of Sacred Destruction
Holocaust Summoning
Chaostorms Of Demonic Hate
Ritual (Blasphemy cover)
11/24 - COC
11/29- TBDM
11/30 - GUK
12/01 - E
12/02 - B
12/04 - H
12/07 - TQ's

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