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Chaos In Tejas 2012 -- Austin, TX -- May 31st, 2012

I will add a link to this first post to my review up on Jukebox:Metal once it goes live. For now: sets and my personal scores. Jordan (smearCampaign) and Jon (moobys) will be adding some sets that I couldn't get, so I'll credit them when applicable. I'll also be making a thread for each of the four days. And if you want, I can do like a personal review on pretty much everything that wouldn't be in the Jukebox:Metal review, like food, record stores, merch finds, etc.

May 31, 2012

At Red 7 (Inside/Outside)

Mass Grave (no setlist so far): 8/10
Innumerable Forms (no setlist so far): 7/10
Phobia (partial setlist): 8.5/10
Gas Chamber (no setlist so far): 8/10
Whitehorse (no setlist so far): 6/10
No Statik (no setlist so far): 8/10
Nasum (pretty sure it was the MDF setlist): 9/10

Phobia (partial setlist included)

Bring The War
Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts
Death To False Punks
Drunken Spree Of Violence
Fuck What You Think (?)

Nasum (I'm almost certain the did their MDF set, plus maybe a few more.)

Mass Hypnosis
This Is...
The Masked Face
A Welcome Breeze of Stinking Air
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
I See Lies
Time to Act!
The Black Swarm
Circle of Defeat
1/12 - Entombed A.D. w/ Full of Hell
1/26 - Inquisition w/ Truckfighters
1/28 - Starkill w/ Spellcaster
2/11 - Marduk w/ Incantation
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