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Originally Posted by isaiaskorn View Post

The Only think that was a little annoying was the fact that they were mentioning(at least 20 times...) that their new record was coming out!
I Just thought they were not that kind of band.
Other than that awsome show 9/10!
This was true and looked desperate.

As far as the review of the show, I have seen FF at least a dozen times and this was in the lower half. Burt's voice is totally shot and 1 song off SOANM was weak. The last 4 being from Demanufacture was nice but so sick of Replica. Would kill to hear them play Body Hammer or New Breed. Or other tracks off Obsolete. How about Soulwound, High Tech Hate, Freedom or Fire? Screw any track off Digimortal. Recharger from the new album sounded cool though. Dino and the new bassist, Matt Devries, were awesome. New drummer, Mike Heller, was horrible. Lifeless and messed up a bunch. Hoglan is missed. All this being said, I'll still probably see them in WI for Shockwave Fest.
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