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Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
This, being someone who loves moshing, the last thing I ever want is an injury that will make me have to miss the rest of the show. My friend lost all his front teeth at Hatebreed in Mayhem 2010 and he wasn't even moshing, he was trying to get out of the pit that formed around us. Not cool.

Napalm was pretty crazy at MDF. Toxic Holocaust and Dillinger were probably the craziest though.
Yea I mean I love moshing and crowd surfing more than most haha but I don't want to be hurt or purposely hurt others. Thankfully 99% of people I see at shows are the same way and always helping.

When I saw Trivium a few weeks ago the crowd was insanely nice. Everyone picked each other up and everyone would help get the crowd surfers up. Like one time I asked I had like 10 people come up and lift me just to make sure I got up there safely.
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