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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
All these, except Lock Up was somewhat eclipsed by Nasum.

The bloodiest pit I have ever seen was for some shitty hard rock band, Local H, in like 2008. Dudes were just streaming out of the pit, all bloody and beaten. When I saw Whitehcapel play at the aforementioned coffee house in my hometown, DeKalb (bumfuck nowhere). they had to call an ambulance during Whitechapel's set.

The craziest I've ever seen a band get was definitely The Ocean and Enter Shikari. Also, Bill from Decrepit Birth is a crazy stage diving motherfucker.

Some bands where the pits got pretty fucking nuts were Rotten Sound, Children of Bodom (House of Blues w/ TBDM, the Witch), TBDM any and every time I've seen them headline, Magrudergrind Scion Show seemed pretty intense, Decapitated (w/ Decrepit Birth, Fleshgod) got pretty nuts, Cannabis Corpse at a small ass bar was ridiculous, Paganfest a few months ago got pretty rowdy for Alestorm, not including the shows that GarageMetal mentioned above.

The shows that I personally have been the craziest at are any of the shows at the coffee house in my hometown because it's nice knowing that home is only a three minute drive away and Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel. I was pretty much in the pit for Anthrax's entire set, plus a bunch for Testament and at the end of Death Angel's.

The shows that were crazy/insane in a bad way were Molotov Solution/King Conquer and Whitechapel/The Acacia Strain.
Duh! Any show with The Acacia Strain is beyond violent. My friend went to the show they did at Mojoes with Terror and said during Acacia people were being knocked out and a few people went into seizures from being hit. And at Warped Tour last year they had to call ambulances in to carry out a few people from the pit during their set.
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